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:star: ATTENTION: All submissions must be submitted to the correct medium folder :star:

Welcome to #The-Original-Magic, a group that focuses on traditional art, such as: pencil, pen, crayon, paint, pastel, chalk, clay, etc. If you love making art with those media, please feel free to join!

Why did I chose the name, The-Original-Magic? Well, these traditional materials were what people originally made art (magic) with. I love traditional art. It's the good ol' fashioned way to make art.

Some things you should know before joining:

- You can only submit 2 (two) deviations per day.
- Founder and Co-Founder requests are not allowed.
- Contributors must be approved by the founder.
- Anyone can become a member. Member requests are automatically approved.
- Anyone can become a watcher.
- Deviations submitted must be approved by the founders and contributors.
- Favs are voted on.
- Only submit your best work, not your whole gallery.
-***Please have your submission cleaned and ready for viewing purposes. What this means is that you must have the photo cropped, with your watermark/personal signature, and proper lighting.****
- Submissions must be TRADITIONAL. No digital please!

CONTRIBUTORS: Guidelines on accepting submissions.

First and most important one: It must be traditional art

I know some people have a different perspective on what's traditional and what's not, so here's what's allowed in this group.

- flat pieces made in pencil, colored pencil, marker, paint, ink, etc.
- sculptures made in clay, glass, and any other material (there's someone who makes flowers with soda cans, so I mean stuff like that. 'found materials')
- food art (cakes and stuff. We occasionally get those too)
- hand-made jewelry
- artisan crafts (stuff you can stitch and sew)
- tutorials on how to make a certain type of traditional art
- collages made with mixed media (cannot be digital)

So basically it's things you can physically see, touch, smell, etc.


- photography
- digital paintings
- literature
- photo-manipulations

If you're not sure if something's digital or not, hover over the deviation to see what category it was submitted in.

Another important rule:

In this group, we accept everything as long as it follows our rules. Please don't only accept pieces you like. I don't want to discourage anyone who's deviation wasn't submitted because it 'wasn't good enough' even though it followed all the rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.







Group Info

We are a group that mainly focuses on traditional art. For example, art made with: pencil paints, pastels, clay, chalk, etc.

Let me explain what should be going into each of our gallery folders
Airbrush_-:-Traditional airbrush techniques by gradually adding paint similar to a spray paint gun or a spray paint can.
(Example: Car re-touching)
Acrylic_-:-Used thickly, like oil paint, or watered down to be like watercolor.
(Example: Wood paint, for a rocking chair)
Body Art_-:-Made on, with, or consisting of, the human body.
(Example: tattoos, body piercings, body painting)
Chalk_-:- Similar to charcoal, it is usually used on white or black or brown board. Colors are various
(Example: chalk designs on the sidewalk)
Charcoal_-:- Carbonized wood that gives off a white, brown, or black color. Very similar to chalk.
(Example: Fireplace cinders)
Crayon_-:-A pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax, used for drawing
(Example: Crayola Crayons)
Colored Pencil_-:- Colored pigment inside of a regular pencil
(Example: drawings for school projects)
Cuisine_-:- Food artwork.
(Example: Cake Decorating)
Fashion_-:- Beginning artist sketches or actual clothing.
(Example: Mannequin wearing a dress you designed and made)
Graphite_-:- Pencil or stick art made of graphite mineral
(Example: Black and white portrait art)
Jewelry_-:- Sketches or finished products of jewelry created by the artist
(Example: A finished necklace)
Ink_-:- Indian ink, black or colored ink, or pen.
(Example: Black and white canvas work)
Markers_-:- Crayola or Prisma color marker.
(Example: Coloring a coffee mug)
Dry Pastel_-:- Otherwise known as "Chalk pastel" using the hard and flaky sticks for artwork
(Example: sketches or speed paintings)
Oil Pastel_-:- The smooth pastel that tends to blend better in a thicker coat
(Example: Long and very well blended paintings)
Oil Paint_-:- The smooth and long drying paint.
(Example: Any kind of painting. This can also be used on furniture)
Tutorials_-:- Fellow member works showing how they made something or how to make something.
Sculpture_-:- Clay, wood, resin, paper, Kleenex, bottles or any kind of 3-D artwork.
Sketches_-:- Fast, Blurred, or sloppy figures/drawings of almost anything.
Watercolor Pencil_-:- Artwork using watercolor pencil.
Watercolor_-:- Artwork using the actual watercolor paint with no pencil
Works in Progress (WIP) _-:- Anything that is in the making
Ask the Artist the Medium_-:- IF you do not know the medium of the works of art, please submit here and write the artist a message asking them for the type of medium they used.
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 6, 2009


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Traditional Art

5,247 Members
4,454 Watchers
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ORIGINAL MESSAGE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi The-Original-Magic founders/staff!

Sorry to bother you all for your time, but I was wondering if you could help me with some academic research! I'm a current undergraduate media student and taking a class on new media and its uses. I'm conducting research on the way traditional art adapts to a digital platform, focusing on DeviantArt as that platform. I'd love to get your perspective and the input of the members in your group, if you don't mind helping me spread the word! I'd really appreciate it if you could include the following interview in a group journal post, or maybe just include a link within a larger post to the interview in my own journal at [link] Or, if you have other suggestions for ways for me to reach the group at large, please let me know.

Responses will be kept entirely anonymous in my findings and will only be used for academic purposes. Answers can be submitted as a comment, sent in a note to me directly (DA user Omonomopoeia), or to my email at! And also please let me know if you have questions or comments.

1. How long have you been a DeviantArtist?
2. What are your reasons for using DA?
3. Which groups are you a part of?/Which groups do you interact with most often?
4. Do you have a premium account? Why/why not?
5. Do you have a personal website/other online portfolio? Does your DA link to it, or does the other site link to DA?
6. Do you use any social media sites in conjunction with your DA to share your art? Why/why not? In what ways do you integrate these sites?
7. Do you sell your work online? What site do you use for selling? Do you use your DA to advertise your work?
8. Do you interact regularly with other DA members? Do you have any friends exclusively on DA (that you have not met in person)?
9. Do you admin any DA groups? If yes: what groups do you admin, why did you become an admin, what role do you play as an admin?
10. Do you sell your art in physical stores/shows/conventions/galleries/etc? How does selling online compare to selling physically?
11. How do you feel about converting traditional art into a digital medium? Do you feel it changes the art? Does it change you as an artist? Please explain.
12. Do you feel you have a distinct DA identity, either as an artist or as a person? Please explain.
13. Is being a DeviantArtist different from being an artist in real life? How so? What are the benefits or disadvantages of either? Please draw upon personal experience.
14. Feel free to give me any other thoughts or insights on the interaction between traditional art and the internet, in your experience.

Thanks so much for your time! Please let me know whether or not this is something you can help me with :)




Please post your responses to a comment below or message me a note so that I may give this awesome lady some answers!

Thank you!

(Open to only Original-Magic Staff)
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ToniTiger415 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry everyone! Unfortunately the folders are filling up and I do not have any permissions to change anything in the group. So I can't even open up new folders and what not. And I haven't been able to keep up with a group this big by myself :/
ToniTiger415 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry everyone! Unfortunately the folders are filling up and I do not have any permissions to change anything in the group. So I can't even open up new folders and what not. And I haven't been able to keep up with a group this big by myself :/
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